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Since our inception, we are fusing our functional understanding with our technical expertise to create elegant solutions.

Picking the right consulting firm is a challenge. There are budget and resource restraints that necessitate firms partner with service providers that have the requisite experience, industry knowledge, impeccable problem-solving skills, and of course, innovative abilities to produce on-time and on-budget deliverables.


eFUSION Consulting is a full-service consulting firm that can augment a wide array of project needs. eFUSION Consulting was founded in 1999 and based its success in the firm belief that integrity to a client’s needs were paramount to future growth. This belief has made eFUSION Consulting an industry leader and is represented by the resources executing on every project.

We pride ourselves on understanding problems and improvement opportunities and being able to cost efficiently implement client needs and wants. eFUSION Consulting is committed to excellence and innovation in every solution delivered. Our clients and resources are our greatest assets, and we are dedicated to serving both in value-added approaches.

Jonathan Ebbeler
Principal Partner
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Mr. Ebbeler brings to the table over two decades of consulting and executive expertise, backed by a comprehensive set of qualifications including Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt, Shingo Alumni, CSPO, and CSM certifications. His MBA specialization lies in Operational and Organizational Excellence, a testament to his commitment to driving efficiency and innovation. 


With a wealth of experience spanning Public Sector and Private clients in the USA and worldwide, Mr. Ebbeler's insights are further enriched by his unique background. He has served as an elected official, holding the positions of Vice Mayor and Councilman in the Washington DC metro area. Additionally, he has held politically appointed roles in both Maryland and Utah, affording him valuable perspectives on government operations. 


Mr. Ebbeler's contributions extend beyond his consulting career. He has authored award-winning case studies, delving into supply chain challenges and human capital dynamics within the aviation sector. Furthermore, he has played a pivotal role in crafting substantial legislation addressing sustainability, land use, and mixed-use development, among other critical community issues. 


Beyond his professional pursuits, Mr. Ebbeler is a licensed pilot and a lifelong soccer enthusiast, having enjoyed the sport both in the USA and abroad.

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