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What We Do

Our consultants average over a decade of experience. They are true gurus with the functional understanding to completely grasp problems and with the technical expertise to execute on elegant solutions. We believe in providing the best people at the right price. While we aren't the cheapest provider, our fee structure is significantly less than the Big 5 and our consultants are true industry experts. We do not hire out of college. Clients demand experts and we over-deliver with specialists who can deliver on projects from day one.eFUSION Consulting has several strategic partnerships that allow us to provide the best resources at the right price.

Operational and Organizational Excellence Consulting
  • TOC Critical Chain Project Management

  • Lean and Six Sigma Constraints Management Consulting

  • Program and Project Management

  • Business Transformation Consulting including ERP Solutions

Consulting Areas
  • ERP Solutions

  • Strategic Planning

  • Security Planning and Audits

  • Data Normalization and Conversion

  • Report Repository Development/Deployment

  • Training and Change Management Processes/Controls

Other Services
  • Expert Testimony in ERP implementations, Land Use/Planning/Zoning, and Aviation Operations.

  • ESG and Sustainability Certification

  • Public Sector Regulatory Compliance

  • Disaster Relief Operations

  • Business Ethics

  • Human Capital Supply Chain

GSA Advantage
  • GSA Schedule

  • Three SINs to contract government work

  • State & Local Cooperative Purchasing Schedule

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